Current Programs

Current Projects

We hold workshops with youth groups about the youth’s involvement in community laws, social rules and civic participation. We train youth in gaining employability and entrepreneurship skills

Youth Employment Initiatives Dar-es-salaam (YEID) Project

YEID is a project under the program Decent Work and Labour Rights in East Africa (DWLR) is a joint partnership program between youth organization in Tanzania i.e. Open Mind Tanzania (OMT), Youth for Africa (YOA) and Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA) supported by Forum for International Cooperation. In Tanzania the program is under the project Youth Employment Initiatives Dar-es-salaam (YEID). The project started in 2014, now is under its second d phase. The project is focused to tackle unemployment challenges facing youth in East Africa by empowering them through information meetings, business skills and entrepreneurship trainings, labour market trainings and advocacy. The project works under partnership with Dar-es-salaam Government Youth Officers as well as Don Bosco. The stakeholders meet under Cluster Meeting which acts as a Board of the project.

The project has already recruited 10 trainers and 10 mentors who run training, mentoring sessions and employment related forums. For the second quota a total of 35 training are done so far within which Total Trainees are 825 amongst 343 are male and 482 are female. On part of mentoring Total Mentees are 172 amongst male are 93 and 79 are female.

We also conduct follow ups to track outcome results and further impact. Amongst the trainees; i. 513 youth were tracked, ii. 144 have started or expand business, iii. 113 in different process to start business, iv. 118 changes seen, and v. 103 yet still chewing the materials.

National youth budget analysis

This is the mini project under ‘Youth Employment Initiatives Dar-es-salaam’ (YEID). The activity is conducted in partnership with Policy Forum. The aim is to gather evidence based information which brings informed data to be used in conducting advocacy for increased budget and implementation of youth activities for their livelihood development. The activities include pre and post budget analysis, publication and dissemination and advocacy to Members of the Parliament and other youth stakeholders as well. So far three analysis have been published for the years 2018/19 and 2019/2020 respectively.

Open Mind Financial Network (OMFN)

OMT championed for establishment of this village banking model project aimed at building the culture of saving and providing credits to young entrepreneurs. It also has also part of social services for the members who come across social undertakings such as weddings and sickness. Its stated 12 member and now more that 60 youth have already been subscribed. Currently the loaning services to members only, however upon availability of more funds it will enhance loans to none members too.

The network also has helped other youth to open groups for sustainability and replicates the established model. It is the ideal of the project to grow to become the first youth microfinance in Tanzania.

Iringa Avocado Agribusiness Project

This is a pilot project which is in implementation at Kitelewasi village, in Iringa. The project has a demonstration farm that is used to train youth in agribusiness. Current the tree nursery contains avocado none and grafted seedlings. In the near future trees for timber will be added as onother focus. The farm use improved seeds which are further grafted to increase productivity. Further, the intention is to put beehives to harvest money as well as beeswax.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for Youth and Women (SRHR)

This project is partnered and supported Marie Stopes. It trains youth and women on their sexual and reproductive health rights. The program aims at boosting uptakes on youth and women sexual and reproductive health services by identifying local champions youth and women and train then on health issues such as cervical cancer facing, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and other none communicable diseases which are increasing in an alarming rate facing youth and women. The champions replicate the trainings in local communities. On the other side the program embarks into advocating for the Maputo Protocol which is not yet rectified by the Tanzanian parliament.

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