Past Programs

Past Projects

We hold workshops with youth groups about the youth’s involvement in community laws, social rules and civic participation. We train youth in gaining employability and entrepreneurship skills

Open Mind Financial Network

OMT in collaboration with HeartRebels from Denmark in 2009 came up with the idea of running a youth microfinance project which financing youth initiatives. We started a pilot project for one year. And in April, 2013 after getting inspirations and trainings from the Member of Parliament MS. Devota Likokola we reinvent the project to be Open Mind Financial Network. 

This is a unique innovative youth microfinancing model. The project aims at uniting youth to participate in productive projects within their localities, and formalization and registration of youth’s small and medium enterprises. These groups conduct savings and credits for running youth enterprises. The project is the first in its kind in Tanzania as it tackles the main problem which faces youth in business i.e. capital since youth do not have collateral for getting loans in convention banks. 

The model is blended with a couple of services including but not limited to entrepreneurship trainings, business identification, creation, analysis, registration, setup, marketing and financing. The network also collect and disseminate entrepreneurial opportunities available for youth. Furthermore, counseling and incubation on best business ideas are given high priority. Up to now around 40 individual youth and three youth groups have already joined and benefited with the network through trainings, loans and youth entrepreneurial information.

Youth Employment Initiative of Dar-es-Salaam

This is a cross border programme funded by Forum for International Cooperation-FIC. The programme is carried out in Kenya and Tanzania for three years from 2014 to 2016. In Tanzania the programme operates in Dar-es-Salaam. The programme works in partnership of three youth organizations namely Open Mind Tanzania, Youth of Africa and Tanzania Youth Vision Association. The programme aims at enhancing Dar-es-Salaam youth to secure a fair employment through employment or self employment. The result of the programme is that young people have obtained a job, started or improved their own business in Tanzania as a result of training or counselling provided by the program. 

This programme is a job creation model. The model builds on six components that link into each other. 

  1. The social mobilization of youth takes place at the community level.
  2. The information meetings equip the youth with information.
  3. Trainings: 

A)  Training in business skills and entrepreneurship development.
B) The labour market training prepares the youth for the labour market. 

  1. Post-training activity: The trainees are offered counselling on their business idea. 
  2. Further, business and career mentoring with placement at work or business places. 
  3. Finally, networks of youth are established and space is offered for continuous contact through advocacy activities.

Empowering Single Mothers Through Moringe (Mlonge) Cultivation

Mama Nature Foundation (MNF) is an Italian Tanzanian organization which works in partnership with Open Mind Tanzania in Moringe Programme which trains Single Mothers to become entrepreneurs through cultivation and processing on Moringe tree for the local and international market. 

For the start the programme focuses the most disadvantaged single parents in outskirts of Dar-es-Salaam, Morogoro and Coast region. Later on it will spread all over Tanzania. Moringe tree is one of the profitable tree as it can be used on all of its parts i.e. leaves, seeds, trunk and roots. It is a medicinal plant. It cures many diseases such as high blood pressure, ulcers, fatness, stomach pains, and can be used as tea leaves or foodstuff.

Fahamu, Ongea, Sikilizwa (FOS II)

This is an Election Project which is implemented from January 2015 to December 2015. The goal of this project is to inform and engage young people as active citizens and a group that can demonstrate constructive role in the development of the country. The project target group is young people aged 18-29. This project is done in partnership with Restless Organization, White Orange Organization and Open Mind Tanzania implemented together in Kilimanjaro region. The project has already trained the volunteers to serve on and two are placed in Moshi. The launching of the project was done at Karimjee Hall on 1st April 2015 from 09:00 am to 12:00 noon; and now the activities have started to take place.

Legal Aid in Various Youth Legal Issues

This programme helps youth to redress their legal and human rights issues. The programme trains youth in legal and human rights especially for the laws which affects them much. 

We have being aimed at ensuring that people especially youth have sound knowledge of human rights, civic rights and duties, democracy, participation and development policy. OMT carries out researches, policy advocacy and training services at selected public litigious interests; such as constitutional understanding and human rights. 

Our lawyers are not heart-fainted; they: 

  1. Provide free legal and civic education to youth on matters related to labor law, business law, tax law, land law, family, marriage and inheritance, etc; 
  2. Mobilize creative artists and educate them on intellectual property and copyright law; 
  3. Draft legal documents for people with legal problems; 
  4. Design and implement programs related to human rights, democracy, advocacy and participatory governance; 
  5. Writing memorandums for companies’ formation and constitutions for NGOs and groups; 
  6. Formalization and registration of groups. 
  7. Facilitating in legal and human rights trainings. 

We did all this as a response to the call of the former Chief Justice Barnabas Samatta when he was opening a National Paralegal Symposium in Dar es Salaam. He said… “It is time that the activities of the NGOs providing legal aid and conducting Paralegal training are streamlined for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged”.

Carrier Assessment, Job Searching and Job Keeping Sensitization and Labour Laws

The programme is conducted in universities and collages with the main aim of preparing youth to enter into labour market. This programme is done in collaboration with the Institute of Personality Development & Management (IPDM). The programme started in South Africa and is extended here in Tanzania. The programme in Tanzania is developed to the inclusion of labour laws trainings. This is to ensure that youth understand their basic rights and responsibilities. The following are the services components: 

  1. CV design, Interview Guide and Job Alerts 

We help qualified or experienced youth to get jobs in reputable organizations. We help them to sell their labor quality through; 

  1. Preparing Catching CVs of various styles: 
    • The Informative Style, 
    • The Expressive Style, 
    • The Classificatory Style, And; 
    • The Persuasive Style. 
  2. Link job seekers with related labor market; 
  3. Preparatory counseling and guidance training for new jobseekers; 
  4. Train on how to attend job interviews-Questions & Answers.

Save the Youth Programme

Save the South Programme is a special package to female youth in Dae-es-salaam who are idle, from being inactive and miserable to those with lust for opportunities. Our study done in Dar-es-salaam shows that young girls who have completed standard seven, form four or drop-outs because of unexpected pregnancy who simply stay at home, has found out that, there are many such girls who are seriously worried about their future, but do not know how they can free themselves from the misery and impending poverty. This has been much contributed by suffering from family poverty and from youth unemployment. This leaves them miserable and vulnerable to vices. Many of these young girls are ready to do decent domestic jobs but lack communication skills and decent work skills. And this is the reason why we have tailored this programme to include potential house maids to productivity by opening their minds by exposure to a wider world through training. 

We expect the programme to eventually turn their idleness into opportunities and hence economically become a force to reckon in their families and the nation at large. The objectives of the programme are: 

  • To improve young girls’ communication skills especially English language. 
  • To enhance young girls’ confidence for approaches to different issues including, job searching and job keeping, business venturing, interview skills, etc. 
  • Entrepreneurship training including customer care, marketing, and financial control. 

This programme is enhanced by two volunteer trainers. Ten beneficiaries have already being recruited through the Local Mtaa Leader in Kijitonyama ward.

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