Open Mind Tanzania welcomes volunteers from across the globe. We do believe that their experience and hard work will help into transformation of Tanzanian youth in all environment.


Open Mind Tanzania for more than eight years has been hosting different volunteers and researchers from across the globe. The countries includes but not limited to Japan, German, England, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Kenya, Uganda, and other more. These people come for cultural learning, volunteering community service, research and or touring. 

We still welcome more many volunteers to come and share their wonderful experiences with Tanzanian youth in different sectors according to their wish. 

We want to maintain the standard that we have set so far and improve things that need to be modified. We must rating quality in services and; together we hope to create a unique form of Center where youths from different cultures have an opportunity to meet and learn from one another. Appreciating other cultures and exchanging experiences of daily life is enrichment more valuable than money. 

Open Mind Tanzania welcomes volunteers from different backgrounds. We do believe that their experience and hard work will help into transformation of Tanzanian youth in all environments.

Coastal Cultural Tourism

Many tourists pass through Dar es Salaam each day, probably unknowing of what this City has to offer. That’s why OMT is currently in the process of developing a Dar City Cultural Tour, which will give tourists the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of this town. Contact OMT for further details. 

This product will be on promotion and cultural exchange between Tanzania and the rest of the world. This program will be a mixture of memorable Swahili cultural experiences and a Dar City Hiking and other outdoors activities for the tourists who will be visiting our country for a cultural experience. A part of the profit from this service will be for fostering the education of the marginalized and vulnerable youth in the Dar.

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